Access Title Company has been providing Title Insurance for the past twenty years. Offering complete customer satisfaction with a personal touch.

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At Access Title we are dedicated to customer service. We take pride in giving fast personal service, offering quality, reliability, and accuracy. At Access Title you can truly have peace of mind.

20+ Years Experience

Wayne Tanner, the founder of Access Title, started in the Title Industry in 1984. In 1989, Access Title Company was opened for business. Access Title Company quickly developed the reputation in the industry as the title company that could get the difficult and complicated transactions done.

Peace of Mind

Buying and selling Real Estate is one of the greatest freedoms enjoyed in this country. When buying a new home or refinancing your existing home, you want to be sure the property is free of any liens, claims, or encumbrances.

What our clients are saying about us.

"I love this office. They are so professional and they will move mountains to make the process easy for you. I would use them again and refer them to my family as well."

- Clinton O.

"Paul Gehring at Access Title handled the closing when we purchased our home. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a house."

- Brett E.

"Friendly, professional and even had snacks and water during the signing process. Really worked hard for us in obtaining a challenging property. Would recommend them again!"

- Camille P.

Title Insurance insures ownership in Real Estate.

Title Insurance is different from most other forms of insurance that readily come to mind like health, medical, life and even automobile insurance. The function of most other forms of insurance is simply assuming your risk.

The Primary purpose of Title Insurance is to eliminate risk and prevent losses caused by defects in title that have happened in the past. Title insurance insures the policy holder against possible title problems at the time he takes title. A title insurance policy is issued for a reasonable, one-time fee and is good for as long as you own an interest in the property. Simply stated, Title insurance helps to remove risk to the one who owns the property or to those who lend money on the property.

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